Hi, great to have you here :)

Say, do you have pictures that stuck in your memory?
For me one of these would be certainly my photo from first communion. It was made in photography studio – I was sitting on a swing with fake flowers in front of a backdrop with painted columns. However the absolute cherry on the top was a plucked fake pigeon that I was holding.
Except undoubtedly humourous value of the photo, it contributed to my love of natural photography, without posing and redundant props (admit it – which one of you rolls their eyes even thinking about the photoshoot?)
What I care about the most when you’ll invite me to your wedding, photoshoot or any other life event is for you to feel like you are inviting a good friend. The one whom you’ve known for ages and whom you can count on. Who will walk the dog during the biggest chaos, who will take care for the child or help during preparations.

What counts for me the most is your emotions, capturing them, not being the chief executive producer of the event. I want you to be happy in your company. Thus I try to be a sort of a ninja photographer and trying my best not to disturb you (that’s why I don’t use speedlites). I want embrace the atmosphere of that day and tell your story. Without words.

I don’t make perfect photos. I make them how I feel. Thus I want you to, when looking at the pictures, feel once more the captured moments. So the photographs which we will take together can join the other ones which have a great value for you.

Also, I’m a better listener than talker, so if you wish to tell your story, please do contact me :)